Finalidad1st level entity in the functional classification

In 2016, SERVICIOS ECONOMICOS's budget was of 270 billion ARSwhich accounts for 17.2% of the year's total budgetIt has increased at an annualized rate of 25.27% since 2008.

According to the administrative classificationthe main areas of spending were:Ministerio de Energía y Minería (96.4 billion ARS, 36%), Ministerio de Transporte (70.7 billion ARS, 26%) and Obligaciones a Cargo del Tesoro (70.1 billion ARS, 26%).

According to the economic classificationthe main areas of spending were:Transferencias a Otras Entidades del Sector Público Nacional (102 billion ARS, 37%), Transf. al Sector Privado para Financiar Gastos Corrientes (97.3 billion ARS, 35%) and Construcciones (26.4 billion ARS, 10%).

According to the functional classificationthe main areas of spending were:Energía, Combustibles y Minería (143 billion ARS, 51%), Transporte (94.3 billion ARS, 34%) and Comunicaciones (11.5 billion ARS, 4%).

According to the funding source classificationthe main areas of spending were:Tesoro Nacional (139 billion ARS, 50%), Crédito Interno (109 billion ARS, 39%) and Crédito Externo (13.1 billion ARS, 5%).

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