Obligaciones a Cargo del Tesoro

Subjurisdicción2nd level entity in the administrative classification

In 2016, Obligaciones a Cargo del Tesoro's budget was of 121 billion ARSwhich accounts for 7.73% of the year's total budgetIt has increased at an annualized rate of 33.2% since 2008.

According to the administrative classificationthe main areas of spending were:Obligaciones a Cargo del Tesoro (121 billion ARS, 100%), .

According to the economic classificationthe main areas of spending were:Transferencias a Otras Entidades del Sector Público Nacional (81.7 billion ARS, 67%), Transf. a Inst. Prov. y Mun. para Financ. Gastos de Capital (21.6 billion ARS, 18%) and Compra de acciones y participaciones de capital (12.6 billion ARS, 10%).

According to the functional classificationthe main areas of spending were:Energía, Combustibles y Minería (42.9 billion ARS, 35%), Relaciones Interiores (19.6 billion ARS, 16%) and Transporte (18.9 billion ARS, 16%).

According to the funding source classificationthe main areas of spending were:Tesoro Nacional (83.1 billion ARS, 68%), Crédito Interno (37.5 billion ARS, 31%) and Crédito Externo (700 million ARS, 1%).

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