Personal Permanente

Partida Principal2nd level entity in the economic classification

In 2016, Personal Permanente's budget was of 148 billion ARSwhich accounts for 9.45% of the year's total budgetIt has increased at an annualized rate of 32.74% since 2008.

According to the administrative classificationthe main areas of spending were:Estado Mayor General del Ejército (18.8 billion ARS, 13%), Policía Federal Argentina (16.6 billion ARS, 11%) and Gendarmería Nacional (14.1 billion ARS, 10%).

According to the economic classificationthe main areas of spending were:Retribución del Cargo (54.5 billion ARS, 36%), Retribuciones que no hacen al Cargo (44.1 billion ARS, 29%) and Contribuciones Patronales (26.3 billion ARS, 18%).

According to the functional classificationthe main areas of spending were:Seguridad Interior (35.3 billion ARS, 24%), Defensa (24.7 billion ARS, 16%) and Judicial (20.2 billion ARS, 13%).

According to the funding source classificationthe main areas of spending were:Tesoro Nacional (124 billion ARS, 82%), Recursos Propios (13.8 billion ARS, 9%) and Recursos con Afectación Específica (12.6 billion ARS, 8%).

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